The 2nd TAMA International Print Exhibition - Canada and Japan@

Term : March 15 - March 30, 2000
Place : Parthenon TAMA Citizen Gallery, TAMA City, Tokyo, Japan

ŸJapanese Artists
Miho Akioka, Junji Amano, Nana Ando, Ryoji Ikeda, Noriko Ueda, Yasuyuki Ueda, Ryuta Endo, Nao Kato,
Seiko Kawachi, Hideki Kimura, Koichi Kiyono, Masataka Kuroyanagi, Keisei Kobayashi,Michiko Suzuki, Yo Takahashi, Akiko Taniguchi, Tadayoshi Nakabayashi, Keiko Nakamura, Akira Narumi, Tetsuya Noda, Toshihisa Fudezuka, Takayuki Matsuura, Norimasa Mizutani, Katsuro Yoshida, Isamu Wakabayashi

ŸCanadian Artists
David Armstrong, Michael Bowman, Marna Bunnell, Cal Bursey, Patti Dawkins, Pat DiMarcello, Steven Dixon,
Nick Dobson, Elizabeth Dove,Karen Dugas, Marjan Jose Eggermont, Liz Ingram, Laurel Johannesson, Walter Jule,
Bill Laing, Michelle LaVoie, Ina Levytsky, Stuart Parker,Maria Anna Parolin, Madeleine Sauve, Marc Siegner,
Loren Spector, Jim Westergard, Angus Wyatt, Koichi Yamamoto

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Date : March 18, 2000
Date : March 18, 2000
Place : Conference Room No.1 (4F), Parthenon TAMA

Part1 : "Slide Lecture by Guest Artists" - Walter Jule, Michael Bowman
Part2 : "Canadian Printmaking / Question and Answer" - Bill Laing, Angus Wyatt, Marc Siegner, Maria Anna Parolin, Ryoji Ikeda
[Moderator] Koichi Kiyono
Date : March 25 and 26, 2000
Place : Parthenon TAMA Atelier
Instructor : Masataka Kuroyanagi, Michiko Suzuki
Welcome Party, Sightseeing of Japan (Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum, Kamakura, Kabuki Theather, etc.)

Organizer TAMA City Cultural Foundation
Organizer : International Print Exchange Association in Japan (PRINTSAURUS)
Cooperation : TAMA City Artists Union
Cooperation : Society of Northern Alberta Print-artists (SNAP)
Support : Canadian Embassy
Support : TAMA City
Support : TAMA City Board of Education
Planning & Management : International Print Exchange Association in Japan (PRINTSAURUS)
Executive Secretary : Koichi Kiyono, Yasuyuki Ueda

Invited Artists : Walter Jule, Michael Bowman, Bill Laing, Angus Wyatt, Marc Siegner, Maria Anna Parolin